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Golden Knight Football Pledge

 This agreement’s purpose is to inform you of what you can expect from Rustin Football, and what will be expected from you. Read this agreement carefully. Your understanding could make a difference. Enlisting a total commitment requires a thorough understanding of our objectives, for no one can fully extend himself without knowing exactly what is expected and why.  Rustin Football is designed as a phase of your education and is compatible with your studies. Rustin Football is not a business or a way of life, but hopefully you recognize that football can add an important dimension to your high school experience in addition to being highly rewarding and a great deal of fun. The course content of our program includes loyalty, discipline, a physical test of your strength, endurance, and courage.  It is an experience in sacrifice where you will be asked to sublimate personal goals for team objectives. Rustin Football represents a special opportunity for young men of your age. The nature of Rustin Football requires one person’s success to depend upon the effort of many. When you work with someone and depend on him, loyalty becomes a necessity. This means that coaches see that your best interests are served and that you, in turn, exhibit a concern for your teammates and coaches as well. No group effort can be successful without loyalty; disloyalty demeans the individual more than it hurts the group. Our concept of loyalty extends beyond individuals and encompasses principals such as accepting discipline rules. No team will become great with even a single dissident. Only complete loyalty will enable you to extend your effort beyond your limits and if we are going to start a great tradition, this will be necessary. Team rules are a very important part of our program. Commitment to follow our team rules is mandatory for all players. Rustin Football players must also conform to all school rules and do their best in all classes. As a player you represent the Rustin Football Program and your actions reflect on our program, good or bad. All players are expected to attend all practices and meetings. Any player that cannot attend a practice must inform the HEAD COACH prior to missing practice. When a player misses practice it hurts the entire team and impedes coach’s ability to have an effective team practice. When you accept the responsibility of Rustin Football, you will recognize that rules are necessary for the discipline of a well-trained team. Remember, the best prepared, most committed team has the best chance of winning. It is required that you accept the many meanings of the word discipline as applied to football. You must recognize the discipline of individual assignments which makes the team concept of football possible and enables you to continue to play successfully even though things may not be going well for you personally. It is only through this approach that we can stay together when things become difficult and build a program with great tradition.

I understand the expectations of the Rustin Football Program outlined in this letter and agree to follow all team rules.


 Player Signature__________________________________ Date__________________


Parent Signature__________________________________ Date_________________

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