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WCASD Spectator Code of Conduct

The West Chester Area School District recognizes the role of interscholastic athletics as an essential component of the educational experience.  Therefore, we ask that all spectators:

  1. Demonstrate a high degree of Sportsmanship

  2. Show team support by making only positive comments. ​​

  3.  Verbal or physical abuse of an official, opposing coach, or player will not be tolerated.

  4. Show respect for the judgment of coaches, officials and referees.

  5. Acknowledge that fields, courts and equipment are the player’s domain during contests

  6. Understand that they may not parade in front of the opposing spectators.

  7. Monitor the safety of children in bleachers and stands.

  8. Respect WCASD rules: all WCASD schools are smoke-free, substance free environments.

  9. Understand that Athletic contests on/off campus are an extension of the classroom; therefore, all school rules are in effect.

  10. Understand that they may not leave and re-enter an athletic contest.

  11. Enjoy watching the game by sitting in the designated area




Exceptions to this behavior will lead to ejection from the event.

WCASD Spectator Code of Cond

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